Thomas Bucknasty – Bio

Snapshot 19 (7-31-2012 9-42 PM)Thomas BuckNastyPoland, Australia, Germany, Spain, Paris, France & far too many venues throughout the world to mention here.

Born Thomas McNeill, on October 10, 1951, in the “City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia, PA.
Singer, songwriter, spoken word poet, producer, and multi instrumentalist. Thomas Bucknasty has become a fixture in the musical venues of the world.

Thomas’ song styles from, gospel to funk, R & B & the Blues has astounded musical audiences around the world. His earliest musical influences were, gospel greats James Cleveland, Edward & Walter Hawkins, James Brown & Otis Redding. With his roots stemming from singing on the church choir at the young age of six years, Thomas developed the tremendous ability to capture and stir the souls of his audiences.

Through Funktifiednastification, as he describes it, he was able to secure a recording contract with RCA records in New York City. Along with Executive Producer T. Life, they produced the Thomas Bucknasty debut album, entitled Blast “O” Funk.

Thomas later embarked on a career in The Blues, where he found himself touring the Blues Circuit throughout the world. His latest album entitled The Healers, on Townsend Records has played to a warm reception throughout Australia & Europe.

Thomas Bucknasty remains one of the true American Blues, R & B & Funk artist/performers in the world today. And I guarantee you that somewhere on this planet, on this very night, Thomas Bucknasty is somewhere, baptizing some soul who had previously lost their ability to funk.