Funktified Nastification

thomas-bucknasty-blast-o-funk-album-cover.2 “Nasty” may be considered a bad word in a lot of places but not when it comes to good music. “Nasty” is a good thing; and when it comes to music, the nastier the better. Many of “The Funk” fame groups have not endured the Funk era. This is not the case, however, for the perpetual Thomas Buck Nasty. Born Thomas McNeill and native of Philadelphia, PA band leader Thomas Buck Nasty known to throngs of friends and fans affectionately as The Poet, has become an enduring icon in the music world, an acclaimed singer, songwriter, spoken word poet, producer , multi-talented composer and instrumentalist. It may be a Hip Hop world, in large part, however, audiences of all ages and backgrounds who find the head rolling, foot patting and “whomp stomping” sound of Thomas Buck Nasty Blues Band, along with The Whomp Stomp Committee are never the same again, in any generation. The debut album, Blast o Funk, RCA Records fame produced the original Buck Nasty, a group which ruled the night club and concert scene in Philadelphia in the 70s and 80s. Buck Nasty emerged as a formidable force when music was going through its metamorphosis from R&B, blues, through psychedelic and Funk; immortalizing their sound through the Hip Hop era and into the Now where The Funk lives on. When many groups were hard pressed to keep abreast of the changes, awestruck fans witnessing Thomas Buck Nasty’s thunderous gospel, throaty voice, wondered whether they were in church or at a concert. Thomas Buck Nasty has withstood the rapidly changing, highly competitive music scene to command a global presence and remain a Philadelphia legend. With gigs in venues from Poland, Australia, Germany, Spain, to Paris, France and more; Thomas Buck Nasty with The Healers, perform as global ambassadors of jazz, blues and The Funk.35101_412508719506_7700170_n In this rare hometown performance, the group, giving back to fans and the community, the legendary Thomas Buck Nasty returns to his old stomping grounds, Philadelphia: The Thomas Buck Nasty Band with The Philadelphia Whomp Stomp Committee featuring DJ Mike (DA Funk) Davis Be sure to take a listen to the rich and soulful voice of Thomas BuckNasty in the video on this page (click the photo with red background). It will reverbrate in your mind for a long time. For more bookings and information: Call 609-828-7201 Email ThomasBucknasty or visit the website

By: Francine Adams
Reprinted with permission of: Francine Adams
Original Article: Legendary musician Thomas BuckNasty to perform in hometown Philadelphia